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Go on ya good thing!

Ireland's favourite Turkey makes his long awaited return to Féile TV & wants to know your funniest Féile stories & nostalgic festival gems!
There’s tickets, t-shirts & Féile Classical Deluxe CDs to be won,

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Féile TV will take the form of a Black Cab and will be on the grounds of the stadium for people to share their deepest secrets and their funniest stories, all participants can then watch themselves on the big screens during the festival!

Dustin’s Exclusive Trip To Tipp confession

“Feile Classical is going to be epic, it’s basically BoggerPalooza! Great bands with great songs celebrating a simpler time when people watched gigs with their eyes not their phones and festivals weren’t filled with chancers in spoken word tents talking about the gender pay gap while drinking craft “beers” that taste like dirty feet and eating organic protein bars that taste like organic protein bars. I’m especially looking forward to working with Tom Dunne. No really I am, of all the members of Something Happens he’s defo me favourite, after Eamon....and Alan....and the Ray lad.”

Friends, Buzzers, Féile folk galore, Dustin is looking for your most mental and meaningful Féile stories,

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Féile TV Zone, located to the right of The Dome.

Féile TV Zone, located to the right of The Dome.

Féile Classical