Eco-Glamping Village

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    Eco-Glamping Village

The site has a leave-no-trace eco-policy and all three glampsites will feature pre-pitched tents manned by professional glamping companies, whose main objective is the safety of the glampers and the environment that homes the glampsite.

All amenities will be provided, clean toilet and shower facilities and the fantastic Tipperary Festival Foods Pop-Up, supplying amazing food options for glampers – the fun will begin as soon as you want it to!

The three tiers of Glamping accommodation goes a little something like this:

Site One: Gold Level Glamping in association with Hearthworks.

Choose from 3 sizes of pre-pitched Tipis and 3 sizes of Yurts, catering from 2 to 9 people.

The Gold Glampsite offers the highest level of luxury at the Glamping Village. This site is located closest to the Stadium and Car Park, with ease of access to the hot showers and the Tipperary Festival Foods Pop-Up serving mouth-watering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each booking will receive Prosecco and Strawberries awaiting on arrival, and acoustic performances by surprise Féile Classical artists during the day!

For prices and bookings https://www.hearthworks.co.uk/festivals/feile

Please note, the Hearthworks site quote their prices in sterling.

Site Two: Silver Glampsite in association with Yippee Tents

Choose from pre-pitched standard and/or luxury Bell Tents, catering from 2 to 6 people

For those who like to put the glamorous in camping, the Silver Glampsite is affordably luxurious. Silver Glampers have close access to the Stadium and Car Park, toilets and hot showers, along with the Tipperary Festival Foods Pop-Up, where they can enjoy some amazing fare before hitting the action of Thurles town.

For prices and bookings visit: https://www.yippeetents.co.uk/feile18

Site Three: Bronze Glampsite in association with Pamper the Camper

Choose from a 2-person pre-pitched KarTent made from 100% strong, recyclable cardboard

Each KarTent caters for 2 people, sleeping bags and all belongings. The pre-pitched carboard tent stays dark allowing you to have a well-earned lie in the morning after.

       100% waterproof, 100% sustainable, 100% guaranteed to offer a fun, hassle free weekend at Féile Classical.

The Bronze site also has access to all amenities and car-park, including Tipperary Festival Foods Pop-Up    

For prices and bookings visit: http://pamperthecamper.com/shop/?event_tag=F%C3%A9ile%20Classical

Please Click 'Pre-Pitched' 'Eco Camp' icon to book